Analysis of some aspects of water quality of Lake Naivasha

James Keyombe, Edna Waithaka


In-depth analyses of physicochemical parameters and dissolved nutrients in Lake Naivasha was done during the dry (June 2014) and wet seasons (May and April 2016). A comparison of the results was made between the two seasons. Dissolved oxygen in Lake Naivasha was higher in comparison to other fresh water lakes within Kenya while relative stability was noted in the other physico-chemical parameters (pH, temperature and conductivity). Results also show that Lake Naivasha is phosphorus limited aquatic system with measurements ranging between 0.07 – 0.23 mg/l in March and 0.09 – 0.83 mg/l in April 2016. Nitrates ranged between 0.10 mg/l – 0.30 mg/l in March 2016 while in April no Nitrates were detected in the water samples. Sources of nutrient loading into the lake should be investigated and proper measure to be taken for sustainability of Lake Naivasha


Physicochemical parameters; Phosphates; Nitrates

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