Near Infrared Spectroscopy: Basic principles and use in tablet evaluation

Hiren Patel



The continuous preference of the oral route for the delivery of the drugs has led the ongoing research in the field of oral delivery. With emergence of Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) as a fast and non-destructive analytical method, researchers have used NIRS for non-destructive evaluation of tablets. This review looks at the basics, theoretical aspects of NIRS, qualitative and quantitative treatment of sample spectra for better understanding of NIRS in tablet evaluation. Use of NIRS in tablet evaluation is discussed in detail with focus on evaluation of tablet hardness, content uniformity and dissolution with use of NIRS. In addition to advantages and limitation of use of NIRS, the current regulatory status and exploration of NIRS as a PAT tool is discussed in the later part of the review.


Near infrared spectroscopy; pharmaceuticals; tablet evaluation; chemometrics; Process analytical tool; mathematical data treatment

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