Study of chloride concentration of Nira River, Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Shivaji Jadhav, Mrunalini Jadhav


The present work deals with the study of Chloride concentration of Nira River in the year 2016. Fresh water is essential to existence of life. Acceptable quality water is essential not only for drinking and domestic purposes but also for agriculture, industrial and commercial uses. Chloride occurs naturally in all types of water. In natural fresh water, the concentration is quite low. The important source of chloride in the water is the discharge of domestic sewage. Chlorides are highly soluble in water so they do not get precipitate and cannot be removed by biological treatment of water. If the amount of chloride is beyond the permissible limit then it can corrode by extracting calcium in the form of calcide. Here in the present work the amount of chloride observed is within the permissible limit for Nira river.


Nira River; Chloride; domestic sewage; fertilizers

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