Congenital Unilateral Double Renal Pelvis and Double Ureters Associated with Triple Renal veins and Left Retro Aortic Renal Vein

Kosuri Kalyan Chakravarthi, Karuneswari Devi P, Uma MN


The urinary system includes the kidneys, ureter, the bladder and the urethra and their anatomical variations of the renal collecting system and renal vesicles is of great importance for surgical approaches and radiologic and other evaluative methods, like cystoscopy and retrograde pyelography. During routine dissection in the Department of Anatomy, unilateral double pelvis and double ureters were observed on the right side of a middle aged female cadaver. In addition, we also detected in the same cadaver right triple renal veins and left retro aortic renal vein. Urologists, technicians and clinicians should keep in mind such anatomical variations as guidance for therapeutic and surgical interventions to avoid complications. Hence their early detection may be helpful in better management and increased survival rates.


Kidney; Mesonephric Duct; Renal Pelvis; Renal Vein; Ureteric Bud; Ureters.

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