valuation of Combined Effect of Alpha Lipoic Acid and Sertraline on Primary Efficacy In Comparison to Sertraline Alone in Depressive Patients

Dr. Tepoju Manmohan


The aim of the study was to assess the therapeutic benefits, response pattern with sertraline alone to that of combined effect of alpha lipoic acid with sertraline in depressive disorder patients. 31 patients included in the study, of which 14 patients were given  sertraline alone (Control group) and 17 patients with sertraline and alpha lipoic acid for a duration of 8 weeks after taking informed consent. The demographic and hematological data was collected. Drugs were administered dose dependently for 8 weeks. Patients were asked to visit psychiatry out-patient department every 2weeks to measure Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HDRS) score. The collected data was analyzed by student `t` test for statistical significance. After 2 weeks of administration of drugs the control groups showed 1.93 and test showed 1.88 as week’s progress the score was decreased but test group showed significant decrease compared to control group. Same results were observed at 2nd, 4th visit. In this study combined administration of alpha lipoic acid with sertraline decreased the HDRS score, learned helplessness, suicidal tendency dose dependently. Alpha lipoic acid was used to treat depression along with standard anti-depressant drugs.  


Anti-depressant; Depression; Hamilton Depression Rating Scale; Sertraline; Alpha -lipoic acid

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