Nephro-protective Effect of Aqueous Extract of Syzygium cumini Seed on Streptozotocin Induced Diabetes in Rats

Swadhin Ranjan Behera, Sekkizhar M, Sarath Babu K


 To evaluate the nephroprotective effect of aqueous extract of Syzygium cumini (S.C) seed in diabetic rats. Wister Albino male rats weighing 230-250gm selected in for study. 30 rats were divided into 5 groups. G-I (Control) normal saline was administered. 24 rats were administered streptozotocin to induce diabetes. After 72hr blood glucose was measured. Rats has more 300mg/dl glucose level selected and divided in to 4 groups. G-II-diabetic control, G-III- Streptozotocin (45mg/kg/i.p/0day) + Glibenclamide (5mg/kg/orally/120days), G-IV-Streptozotocin (45mg/kg/i.p/0day) + Aqueous extract of Syzygium cumini seeds (250mg/kg/orally/120 days) and G-V- Streptozotocin (45mg/kg/i.p/0day) + Aqueous extract of Syzygium cumini seeds (500mg/kg/orally/120days). Before inducing diabetes all groups’ rats’ serum Creatinine and urea levels were measured. Drugs were administered 120 days. On 120th day serum Creatinine and urea were measured and compared. Histopathological changes in kidney also observed for all the groups. Diabetic group rats showed increased in serum Creatinine and urea levels compared to other groups. High dose seed extract and standard oral hypoglycemic drugs showed significant decrease in Creatinine and urea levels compared to diabetic control and low dose seed extract administered groups. It was observed that aqueous extract of S.C seed extract showed significant nephroprotective effect compared to other groups. The results are equal to standard drug. This seed powder extract can use to treat patients having kidney problems along with diabetes. But more studies required arriving therapeutic dose and other pharmacological effects.


Aqueous extract; Creatinine; Nephroprotective; Streptozotocin; Syzygium cumini; Urea

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