Enhanced P16INK4A Expression In Cervical Cancer Among HPV Infected Women

Santhosh V, Baskaran K, Santha K, Sethupathy S, Prasada Rao N


Cancer cervix is the most common cancer among women. High incidence and mortality rates for cancer cervix have been reported in India. Among Indian population highest incidence rates for cancer cervix has been reported in Tamilnadu and Puducherry. Cancer cervix is a preventable disease characterized by a significantly improved prognosis when diagnosed at earlier stages. It is a well-established fact that cervical neoplasia are caused by persistant infection with certain oncogenic types of HPV. Therefore research has turned towards identification of factors that work together with HPV to cause cervical cancer. p16INK4a a tumor suppressor protein is associated with cervical cancer, various epidemiological studies worldwide have shown its association with cervical cancer. Considering the fact that only few studies have been studied in India, this study was aimed at finding out the association between p16 and cervical cancer among our population. The study included sixty four women with cervical carcinoma, HPV was confirmed by PCR based HPV-DNA analyses.p16 was determined by Western-Blot. Independent sample t test method was employed. Results revealed that p16 was expressed in 40% of controls and 90% of cases, showing a strong evidence for the association between p16 and cervical carcinoma. It is concluded that further studies involving other markers are required to augment the sensitivity and specificity of p16 expression analysis for early detection of cancer cervix.


p16INK4a; HPV; Cervical cancer.

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